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Get Ready to Gawk at Boeing’s SkyView Panoramic Window

By Victor Baker


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SkyView Panoramic Window

Boeing plans to take flying to the very next level with the incredible SkyView panoramic window, set to be the largest window ever seen in any passenger jet, once it’s released in 2018. But before you get too excited about this unique feature, you should know that only Boeing Business Jet passengers will have the privilege to enjoy stunning views of the world, from high up in the sky, through this massive window.

Three times wider than a standard plane window and way taller, this is what Boeing will be installing in their new business jets to make passenger’s days (and flights) a lot more interesting. Designed from acrylic and produced by GKN Aerospace’s Fokker Technologies division, these clear ways of accessing the skies can even be ordered as a retrofit for an existing fleet.

SkyView Panoramic Window

Sure, the wonderful business jets from Boeing were already impressive enough to be worthy of a hefty investment, but things just got even better with this unique addition. Adding even more luxury and exclusivity to Boeing’s business line, this panoramic window is currently undergoing development and certification.

As such, there is no pricing info to talk about, although by 2018 you will be gazing down below through one of these novel concepts. Looking forward to!

Boeing Business Jet

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