Forms in Nature Chandelier by Hilden & Diaz

Having perhaps drawn inspiration from the works of famous names like Salvador Dali, Edgar Allan Poe and Ernst Haeckel, Hilden & Diaz have recently come up with an absolutely gorgeous chandelier named the Forms in Nature.

Let me draw your attention for a little bit – this is not just a lighting fixture, it’s a genuine work of art. We can clearly see that from the way it is manufactured, designed and how it dissipates light. It also displays some sort of mirroring effect if we look carefully, which makes it rather unique. It also reflects a gorgeous, dense foliage theme on the walls, forming a 360-degree circle around the light source in the middle.

Furthermore, if the light keeps getting intensified, the room will get nicely engulfed in all sorts of bushes, branches and shadows. If you know what the Rorschach test is, you’ll also probably notice the shadowy faces this chandelier generates. Man, I’d love one of these on my ceiling!