Ferrari Design Director creates out-of-this-world spaceship!

After designing the jaw dropping LaFerrari and the track-focused Ferrari FXX K, Flavio Manzoni, the Italian automaker’s design director, has recently penned down a futuristic spaceship that just screams for attention! It’s a sleek and eye catching concept, inspired by extra terrestrial and science fiction.

Flavio Manzoni wanted to design something that can fly in the future, that’s a bit different than his childhood dream when he thought that all cars could fly by this time. It’s true that Ferraris are often compared to spaceships, but they can’t leave the ground yet, that’s why we might need spaceships like this one to move around in the future.

The sensational concept is divided into two hulls, with a lower section that forms the side radiator openings, that flows into the top section, which includes two wings that fly downwards. The spaceship even includes front and rear spoilers that look almost like the ones from a Ferrari.

Inspired from movies like ‘Blade Runner’, ‘2001: A Space Oyssey’, the ‘Flash Gordon’ comic series and several TV shows, this extraordinary spaceship might give us a small glimpse of how a Ferrari spaceship could look like in the future. We hope the Italian automaker also plans to go into this direction in the next years. Until then, we can just gawk at these amazing drawings by Flavio Manzoni.