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Federico Fiorentino’s Endeavour Is The Private Jet of the Seas


Incredibly fast, wonderfully stylish and super comfortable to take on a trip, the 23-meter Endeavour tender seems to be purposefully designed to set new standards of luxury – and it’s succeeding.

Federico Fiorentino’s Milan-based superyacht design studio has joined forces with Marijana Radovic of M2Atelier to imagine this beauty, that’s reminiscent of 1930s racers. Backed by 21st technologies and modern construction techniques, this thing is in a league of ts own, impressing every single one of us with its clean lines.

Six deeply upholstered armchairs with potential to rotate, recline, and assume conference room protocol, were set inside the guest lounge, which also comes complete with day head, bar, and large windows which allow you to enjoy those stunning panoramas.


The lightly-bronzed exterior, which reminds us of precious metals, complements the neutral interior where passengers may find mahogany and stainless steel. Invisible light diffusers, laser cut metal strips, and state-of-the-art technology complete the luxurious atmosphere inside, making sure this ride will be unforgettable.

Glass partitions separate the futuristic cockpit from the guest lounge, which means you have a lot of privacy while the crew takes care of everything that matters. Advertised as ‘private jet of the sea’ Endeavour shows off a clean, powerful and totally aerodynamic silhouette.

Engine configurations will include twin jet turbines with surface drives, pushing this thing beyond the extreme while keeping passengers comfortable and completely spoiled.



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