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Fantini Rubinetti’s Acqua Zone shower

By Brian Pho


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Our heroes today are the folks at the Italian shower manufacturing brand Fantini Rubinetti, which have recently come up with something called the Acqua Zone.

This, in fact an exquisite piece, is a shower festooned with colored light features poised to turn one’s showering experience into an unforgettable one. Starting from its gorgeously minimalistic design and ending to the manufacture, this shower is absolutely exquisite. Designed by Franco Sarigani to deck the bathroom in a clean, simple way, it doesn’t at all sacrifice the relaxing experience of a spa.

It provides the user with a sensual, delicate rain-like flow of water, ensuring at the same time the energy and comfort of a cascade of soft water. The Acqua Zone has three different functions, each of them configured according to researches and surveys – rainfall, mist and waterfall. And there’s also the side of chromo-therapy, in blue, yellow, green and red coloured lights.

In addition, the Acqua Zone also provides soothing ambient lighting through its in-built Environment program, including the night-time, leaves, sunset and dawn settings. The finish of the Acqua Zone includes 38 natural versions of steel and 93 brushed steel models.


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