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The majestic Fairmont Nile City Adorns Cairo’s Skyline

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Fairmont Nile City

The pyramids of Giza have been around for more than 4,500 years, and we’re pretty sure each and every single one of us has been fascinated by the Egyptian gods and kings, at least at one point in our lives. But Egypt is also a country well focused on modern times, with 21st century visions and architecture ideas allowing buildings like the twin towers of Fairmont Nile City to rise and improve upon Cairo’s skyline.

Cairo has come along way since Egypt’s glorious ancient times, growing into one of the world’s largest cities right now; it’s a place filled with so much energy that it’s practically palpable, but the Nile is always there, standing at the heart of the city, and calming everything down.

Fairmont Nile City is perched right on the banks of the Rive Nile, an impressive construction which awaits travelers from all over the world with luxurious rooms and amenities, world class service, and some of the most amazing views of Cairo.

Fairmont Nile City

With 566 rooms on offer, featuring a classic Art Deco motif, the level of sophistication and timeless elegance is off the charts. Rain showers, luxurious Egyptian cotton bedding, WiFi, Miller Harris of London bath amenities, plus many other exquisite goodies are all part of this location’s unique appeal.

Among the wonderful activities at Fairmont Nile City, we should mention that the dinner experience here will be taken care of by Napa Grill or Saigon Blue. Furthermore, the 25th floor is where you’ll find the mind blowing Sky Pool, allowing you to savor and experience delicious cocktails at the bar as well.

Also worth mentioning is that the Willow Stream Spa, offering eleven treatment rooms, Hammams, relaxation lounges, and a full beauty salon, will surely make visitors leave all their worries behind and learn once again how to enjoy life properly.

Fairmont Nile City

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