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Exploris Will Help You Take Over The World


The acclaimed London-based studio Gresham Yacht Design has recently introduced a breathtaking 100-meter superyacht concept called Exploris, that comes with an imposing Ice Class hull and brags about the ability to carry multiple large tenders and toys, not to mention about an impressive 7,000 nm range, which makes it a true explorer vessel.

But there’s more to Exploris than that. This extraordinary superyacht also features a dedicated helicopter hangar that can house a light weight helicopter, a private promenade deck right above the bridge deck, an observation saloon, wide side decks, and the list could could go on forever. The question is: can you handle it?


Interior designers from Seymour Diamond also worked their magic on this project, making sure the interior layouts, architectural details, furnishing and finishes will leave anyone impressed. Aside from the CAP 437 helipad in the back, which I can’t seem to get out of my mind, this superb explorer vessel also features a high beach club, where twin 12.5-meter tenders set off from.

Add in a Trident submersible, full dive facilities and the chance to rule the Seven Seas and you might want to be the lucky owner of this beauty. There’s obviously more to be said about this project, but we just don’t have too much information about Exploris – not yet, anyway. More details are bound to become available soon. Stick around!



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