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VPLP’s EVIDENCE Superyacht Speaks For Itself

EVIDENCE superyacht

Would you go for a petrol or diesel-powered motor yacht or do you like to enjoy some wind in your sails? As you ponder that question, allow us to introduce to you the very first wing-yacht, a sleek 156-foot catamaran, powered by a 400 sq m sail. Called EVIDENCE, this stunning yacht may look minimalist at first glance, but there were some complex calculations in the making of this vessel.

Ocean wings produce twice the power of a conventional sail, as these wings are reefable, furlable, as well as fully automated. If they are integrated into a hybrid propulsion system, as in this case, they can reduce the yacht’s fuel consumption drastically and those unwanted greenhouse gases will also go down as well.

EVIDENCE superyacht

Promising the same levels of performance, space, and stability as a catamaran,  this vessel was designed by the French-based naval architects VPLP and it can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests and 10 crewmembers. EVIDENCE was specifically designed for crossing the Atlantic, hence the automated wingsail and mechanical propulsion that allow it to sail for miles and miles with reduced fuel usage.

The peace and pleasure of sailing with the wind will make any voyage aboard this yacht an unforgettable experience, that will get you in touch with nature. One thing’s for sure – this wing yacht is a welcomed addition to the sailing universe. I’m sorry to say there are no further details to talk about and unfortunately we don’t have any photos of its planned interiors either.

But we’re pretty sure we will hear more about this vessel pretty soon.

EVIDENCE superyacht


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