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Elvis Presley’s Beverly Hills Home Is On The Market

By Victor Baker


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Elvis Presley Beverly Hills Home

Do you remember the charming Beverly Hills home that newlyweds Elvis and Priscilla Presley purchased back in 1967? Probably not, but that’s OK; all you need to know is that that particular home is in front of you right now, it’s still absolutely gorgeous, and it’s up for the grabs if you’re willing to spend $30 million to own it – it’s true that it originally cost just $400,000, but that’s a completely different story.

The breathtaking 5,367-square-feet property can be found in the exclusive Trousdale Estates enclave and was designed by renowned local talents like Richard Neutra and Wallace Neff. The residence at 1174 Hillcrest Road saw Elvis Presley bring home newborn Lisa Marie and sign autographs right at the home’s front gate.

Elvis Presley Beverly Hills Home

In 2012, Hard Rock Café co-founder Peter Morton planned to demolish it this home but, due to public outcry, he decided to sell it instead. The three-bedroom home has had various updates over the years, including new flooring and electrical wiring, as well as luxurious additions like a pool, a spa, and a guesthouse.

Let’s not forget about the impressive city views and the lovely floor to ceiling glass walls. To own Elvis Presley’s former 1.18-acre estate is a real privilege, and the price-tag surely proves it. Regardless of purchase costs, the home’s place in rock ‘n’ roll history is a certainty, and we’re sure anyone would be really proud to call this place home.

Elvis Presley Beverly Hills Home

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