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Elon Musk’s Brentwood Estate Could be Yours for $4.5 Million!

By Vlad Craciun


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With Los Angeles the all-time home of celebrities, it’s no wonder that everything around it grew to match those pretensions of superiority and opulence. Real estate makes no exception from that rule as the market was flooded by all kinds of overpriced extravagant gargantuan mansions in these last couple of years.

Sometimes though, somebody with his feet on the ground stands out from the crowd and builds something with a superb design and great attention to detail. We’re talking here about Elon Musk and his superb Brentwood Estate. He may not always have his feet on the ground, but his home is amazing nonetheless.


The brilliant mind behind SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk got himself a home that’s lavish enough for everyone, with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and floor to ceiling windows offering panoramic views of downtown LA. The city, the ocean and the canyon are all viewable from almost every room of the estate.

The property also features large patio areas, an expansive saltwater pool and spa, a state of the art kitchen with all the modern appliances possible, and impeccable minimalist interior and exterior design. There are high end stone and marble countertops, and the living area houses a nice selection of modern furniture, wood floors and an offset fireplace, making for a unique atmosphere.

If you’ve always wanted to live like Elon Musk, his Brentwood home has been recently listed for sale at a cool $4,500,000!


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