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The Elegant and Extra-Sturdy Titanium iPhone 6 Case by Gresso

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Gresso has already released a durable case for the iPhone 6 made from aluminum (which we’ve talked about a few weeks ago), but if you really want to make sure your new device is well protected, you can now get this extra-sturdy titanium case created by the Miami-based company. Provided, of course, you have a couple grand to spare after you got your smartphone.

Tests have shown that the Gresso titanium case can withstand an amazing 417 pounds of force before bending (if you recall, the aluminum version could weather 300 pounds, quite respectable, but small in comparison) –so it’s hard to imagine what could plausibly happen to a typical person that their device would actually bend and sustain serious damage. Each of these cases is made from a single piece of titanium which has gone through 9 hours of milling and 4 hours of directional polishing in order to achieve that elegant look.

The 2-piece case connects using the brand’s patented magnetic lock technology and allows easy access to all functional keys and ports. As another stylish touch, the piece is finished with a manually polished, 18-carat white gold Gresso logo.


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