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Drool Over The Signature Edition of the Floating Seahorse

The Signature Edition

Waterfront properties have always been extremely valuable, not to mention extremely appealing for probably any one of us, but just a few people actually have the chance to enjoy living in one, and the project you’re about to see right now is even more exclusive than that.

A team of talented designers and skilled engineers from Dubai have decided to push the limits of design and imagination, coming up with an extraordinary floating home concept, called the Floating Seahorse, but this, my friends, is the next best thing!

An evolution of the initial concept, the Signature Edition of the Floating Seahorse aims to mix things up, combining the comforts of a luxury home with the joy of owning a small yacht.

The Signature Edition

The designers of this incredible floating home, the Kleindeisnt Group, wanted to blend the stunning Emirati culture with modern European design cues, in an effort to get that astonishing “wow” factor that will surely attract a lot of customers.

Covering three floors, one of them being entirely underwater, the Signature Edition has 4,000 square feet, with each space intended to adapt to the needs of the inhabitants. A highlight of the entire home is obviously the underwater bedroom, which benefits from superb aquatic views and a dreamy 600-square-feet coral garden.

This luxurious floating home is yet another example that the world’s most outrageous projects come from Dubai, and you’ll have to pay at least $3.3 million to call this property yours.

The Signature Edition


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