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Discover Another World at the Superb Amanfayun

By Victor Baker


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The great Marco Polo once described Hangzhou as “the city of heaven” and if you ever get to this unique corner of the world, you will surely agree with him. Amanfayun, a spectacular retreat just a few minutes away from the center of Hangzhou, took these words as an inspiration and tries its best to offer serenity and ultimate relaxation each and every day to guests from all over the world.

Beyond the village of Tianzhu, west of West Lake, you will find this stunning collection of 42 habitats, which were once home to villagers who took care of the century-old tea fields around. Each of these charming dwellings where you will be sleeping displays bleached wood and stone details and comes complete with modern furnishings that honor the historic soul of the property.


Amidst bamboo and pungent tea, guests will also find a wide variety of plant life flourishing here, including figs, chestnuts, magnolia, and waxberry – plus many others. But what might be even more impressive is that Amanfayun’s surrounding grounds also include old temples, solemn monks, jade-green tree groves, pagodas, and more aromatic teas than you can probably handle.

This would seem like enough to get anyone into a zen state of mind, yet a visit at the spa might take things even further. The lovely bathhouse will get you relaxed in just a matter of minutes, as you sip on a fresh juice (or tea) and contemplate the universe – and, possibly, your imminent return at Amanfayun. Don’t forget who recommended it to you!


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