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Crystal Cruises Takes Passengers Into Cloud #9 With Their Ultra Luxurious Jet

By Victor Baker


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Crystal Cruises Jet

Crystal Cruises have taken hold of their new Boeing 777-200LR which allows guests to enjoy the unique AirCruise experience. The company’s latest offering takes things to the next level, with this luxurious jet being able to transport 84 guests to exotic destinations from all over the world, while delivering the most exclusive flying experience they could ever think of.

Crystal’s privately owned Boeing 777-200LR has been molded to meet the company’s outrageous standards of customization and comforts, and will include plush, fully reclining Crystal Exclusive Class™ seats, airy social spaces, large flat-screen TVs, butler and concierge services as well as chef prepared gourmet meals.

Crystal Cruises Jet

Larger than any other private jet travel option out there, Crystal’s Boeing 777-200LR will also include a social lounge, with a stand-up bar, two divans and four dining tables that will allow up to six guests to join a very exclusive crowd and savor a delicious in-flight meal.

The company’s AirCruises are nothing but a ground-breaking development in the cruise industry, also raising the bar in air travel, personalized service and luxury standards. With such accommodations and deluxe services, the destination becomes irrelevant; it’s all about the journey.

Crystal Cruises Jet

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