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Confluence is a Unique Topographical Tea Tray by Artonomos

By Brody Patterson


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Artonomos is a Hong Kong-based company dedicated to the creation of unique and well-crafted items one might find useful in the home. One of their more remarkable releases is Confluence, an intriguing tea tray made to resemble a topographical map.

The piece is carved from birch plywood and given a glossy finish for protective as well as decorative purposes. The landscape which is being “mapped” is a meandering valley, with the representation being able to serve up to six people. A teapot and a handful of cups can be placed on top of the hills, while the valley below can serve as sort of a reservoir, in case any tea is spilled.

While Confluence is indeed quite a fine piece, its price tag of $1,700 might seem a bit too big for something so simple and straightforward. Nevertheless, the initial release of 100 examples has already sold out, which shows that there are plenty of people willing to shell out a lot of money in order to have their tea served in style.


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