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Dominator D26 M Ilumen Superyacht Unveiled at Cannes Boat Show

By Brody Patterson


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Two years of (very discreet) development have recently ended with the official unveiling of the Dominator D26 M Ilumen superyacht during this year’s Cannes Yachting Festival.

Designer Alberto Mancini revealed that, in the process of creating the ship, there were two aspects he was particularly focused on – and these were light and space. Thus the 26.5-meter yacht seems even more impressive in scale than it already is, especially from the inside. The full beam owner’s suite offers a generous 30-square-meters of living space, while the 20-square-meter private bow terrace provides amazing 270-degree panoramic views. Furthermore, the saloon itself has floor-to-ceiling windows, while the side passages are glazed, thus making sure all spaces are extra airy and the ocean is never too far from view.

Another interesting feature is the propulsion system. There are no fewer than four modes the system can function in, from pure electric ‘eDrive’, to electric mode in conjunction with the diesel engine for the most amount of power in the ‘Sport’ mode. The hybrid set-up comes with a PTI-system (electric engine at 130 kW or a sound protected marine engine at 250 kW).

The Dominator D26 M Ilumen superyacht was showcased in Cannes, on Friday, September 12, in the presence of Alberto Mancini and company owner Dr. Pernsteiner, as well as media representatives, customers, and friends of the brand.


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