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Colombia’s TCHERASSI Hotel Awaits for you in Cartagena

By Victor Baker


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Located in the Old City of Cartagena, just a short walk away from the beach, the trendy TCHERASSI Hotel is ready to seduce anyone with its laid-back colonial atmosphere and world class service and amenities. A surprising part of Cartagena’s charm, this place was designed by Silvia Tcherassi to boast a loving, creative spirit that makes everyone feel inexplicably drawn to it.

The hotel’s blissful Colonial architecture allows this location to show off an ornate, colorful attitude, matched by vivid culinary delights and a superb vertical inner garden where you’ll probably want to spend most of your time. But there are many other attractions just waiting for you at TCHERASSI, and the charming old town of Cartagena deserves to be explored too, right?


This high-end hotel will impress you with 30 playful rooms, four lovely pools, and an elegant restaurant called Vera. The latter allows guests to experience authentic Italian fare under 250-year-old wooden-beamed ceilings whilst surrounded by a charming modern wonderland – a good wine will be the perfect ending for an unforgettable day in Cartagena.

The breathtaking rooftop pool, on the other hand, is part of a private guests’ lounge, where serving delicious cocktails and light snacks, while overlooking the city and the Caribbean sea, is the proper way to check off wonderful moments on your list.


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