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Christian Louboutin’s SportyHenri Capsule Collection Takes Off

Christian Louboutin's SportyHenri Capsule Collection

The renowned Parisian designer Christian Louboutin has announced a new collaboration with the sports lifestyle brand SportyHenri, which took everyone by surprise, if you ask us. The two talented names have created a chic, four-piece capsule collection, which includes stylish limited edition sneakers for men.

If you don’t know this yet, SportyHenri is a popular ecommerce platform started by French professional handball player Henri Tai, and this isn’t the first time we bare notice of a collaboration between Tai and Louboutin, even though this is the very first Louboutin co-branded product.

Christian Louboutin's SportyHenri Capsule Collection

Christian Louboutin’s sneakers benefit from a clean palette of white, black and blue, meant to add a little touch of luxury even to sporty and casual sneakers. His collection for SportyHenri may be small, but each shoe’s design is chic and totally worthy of our attention, with a vivid red sole that’s obviously Louboutin’s signature touch.

Potential customers should keep in mind that only 600 pairs of these sneakers will be available through Christian Louboutin Men’s Boutiques in New York and Los Angeles, so you might say these are collectibles as well. Feel free to enjoy the exclusivity and comfort these shoes provide – once you pay up between $895 and $1195 to get a pair of your own. Choose your flavor from the gallery below

Christian Louboutin's SportyHenri Capsule Collection


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