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Chelster Hall is a $65 Million Wonder on the Shores of Lake Ontario

By Victor Baker


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Chelster Hall

Proudly sitting at 150 Lakeshore Road Est, in Ontario, Canada, this stunning piece of property is called Chester Hall, and it’s probably one of the most amazing homes in the entire world. Chester Hall is also right now the most expensive home in all of Canada, after it was recently listed for sale at a staggering $65 million CAD, for good reason.

You see, this legendary lakefront property required incredible efforts to complete, as you could imagine as you glance upon the gallery and try to comprehend the magnitude of this project and the high-level of luxury on offer. The original design of the home was actually meant to spread over 54,000 square feet, but it had to be scaled down a little to meet the town’s regulations.

Chelster Hall

Architect William joined hands with Fil Cpuano for the mesmerizing Chelster Hall project, which went on to ‘consume’ 2,800 cubic metres of concrete to complete a massive 47,000 square feet of living space. That’s how this lavish mansion now comprises 6 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a private chapel, a two-storey library, as well as an indoor swimming pool – but don’t worry, there’s also a pool outdoors, in case you want to have some fun under the sun’s warm rays.

Future owners of this spectacular property might also appreciate the bowling alley, a private home theatre, and various other impressive entertainment areas. But this privately-owned home has the potential to be used for much more than watching TV or chilling by the pool, which might explain the incredible price-tag that goes with it.

Chelster Hall


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