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Celebrate Life with the Exquisite Bruichladdich Black Art 5

By Victor Baker


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Bruichladdich Black Art 5

Once a 19-year-old welcoming visitors to the Bruichladdich distillery, on the shoes of the Isle of Islay in Scotland, Adam Hannett has managed to refine his senses as the years went by, and he’s now the Head Distiller of this iconic distillery. Responsible for the quality of the spirits at Bruichladdich, it is Adam we have to thank for the exquisite offering before you, dubbed as the Bruichladdich Black Art 5.

He made the final call when the spirit was bottled, and this unpeated Islay Single Malt Scotch whisky is what liquid excellence is all about. The fifth in the limited edition Black Art series, this 1992 vintage seems to be an antique copper liquid that boasts delicious fruit notes of cherry, mango, apricot and orange citrus.

Bruichladdich Black Art 5

But these enigmatic Black Art cuvees were the brainchild of Bruichladdich’s legendary Master Distiller Jim McEwan. Just before he retired in 2015, he handed Adam Hannett this unique recipe for the next iteration, Black Art 5. The entire process of conception involves meticulous selection, collection and vatting of standout casks over years of going through the brand’s catalog.

There is no wrong time for a smooth drink or its elegance and Black Art 5 promises to be one of the best Scotch whiskeys you’ve ever tasted. Bottled at a cask strength of 48.4%, Bruichladdich’s newest creation will travel the world in the form of 12,000 individually numbered bottles.

Bruichladdich Black Art 5

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