CastaDiva Resort on the shores of Lake Como, Italy

Monumental luxury and unrivalled beauty – two concepts the CastaDiva Resort & Spa superbly puts together. Located in the Lombardo province of Italy, on the shores of the legendary Lake Como, this magnificent resort represents everything a tourist would ever need.

This magnificent resort boasts with a Botanic Garden, floating pool and a stunning spa. Adjoined by an array of superb resorts, the CastaDiva stands out with ease. It was built in the 18th century, anchored by Villa Roccabruna, the home of a Soprano.

CastaDiva also provides breathtaking views of Lake Como, directly facing it. It comprises a total of nice villas spread throughout a gorgeous garden. The access between the villas and from the villas to the spa or restaurant is made via windy rock pathways, which can easily leave one breathless through their unmatched beauty.

Pick any of the 75 rooms, suites and villas the resort provides and be prepared to experience something you’ll never ever forget. Every corner of the accommodations features historic trim and decorations, silk and velvet. They’ve all been put together to match modern tastes, but also to remind of the eras long gone. Guests will be able to watch their favorite programs at the LCD TVs provided and can also navigate on the Internet via high-speed connections.

As for the spa, it goes way beyond imagination. Based on multi-environmental principles, it includes rooms in the shape of a rocky cavern, glass-floored lounge, modern steam room with swirling patterns and a room which resembles a steamboat – for a taste of exoticness.

Before deciding to head to Il Giardino dei Sapori or in L’Oran, where one can enjoy the best of Italian food, guests should really try a dip into the floating pool, which is a true epitome of luxury. Nightly rates start at €385 and depend on guests’ preferences.