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Casa de Uco is the Ultimate Retreat for Wine Lovers

By Victor Baker


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Hidden deep in the heart of Argentina’s cowboy country, Casa de Uco is a spectacular vineyard and wine resort, that could literally take your breath away with its amazing amenities and service, or its incredible surroundings.

Showing off a stunning concrete and steel exterior, which contrasts beautifully with its elegant interiors, this resort is actually a 320-hectare estate, with secluded villas adding to its incredible charm. Gauchos and gourmands will surely fall in love with this place, while the majestic Andes will provide the perfect background for an unforgettable vacation in this remote part of the world.

Visitors at Casa de Uco may choose one of just seven rooms and nine luxurious suites, each of them promising a modern design with floor-to-ceiling windows, panoramic views of the Andes and the lovely Uco Valley. There are also a few secluded bungalows, hidden in the vineyards, away from the resort, for those who love staying outdoors on a terrace, enjoying this serene view, in complete privacy.

Casa de Uco is an exceptional retreat, from any angle you look at it, but when it’s time to eat things get even more exciting. Farm-to-table dining forms the central philosophy of the unique dining experience here, with the resort’s executive chef imagining a menu heavy in seasonal ingredients grown directly in the on-site organic vegetable garden.

And since this magical place is basically a wine resort, the perfect wines will always keep you company and complement any delicious dish you might choose. If you’d like a little bit of action, you could always head to the outdoor pool or enjoy the resort’s spa, jacuzzi and tennis courts, but horseback riding in this incredible setting sounds even more appealing.

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