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Carmo’s Boutique Hotel Is a Wonderful Portuguese Retreat

By Victor Baker


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Carmo's Boutique hotel

Keeping your feet on the ground may have been a good fatherly advice, but floating away on Cloud Number Nine sounds way more enjoyable, right? Upon arrival at Carmo’s Boutique Hotel, in the beautiful town of Ponte de Lima, you’ll be mesmerized by the historic Portuguese lifestyle that can be experienced here.

This wonderful hotel is located in northern Portugal’s countryside region of Minho, an area that still shares many cultural features with Spain’s Galicia. You might expect to enjoy wonderful wines, tasty tapas, music and joy here and… you’d be right.

With only 15 gorgeous accommodation options on offer, Carmo’s Boutique Hotel delivers peace and tranquility, as well as the feeling of spiritual comfort. You may choose between Luxury Suites, Prestige Rooms, and Prestige Rooms with a garden here, and we’re sure you’ll fall in love with every single room or suite.

Carmo's Boutique hotel

Privacy and intimacy are not an issue here, and the elegant Portuguese style represents a welcomed bonus. But when the sun sets, you’re in for a real treat, as the dining experience will include an al fresco dinner at Carmo’s exterior restaurant, complemented by a glass of Portuguese white wine.

Having breakfast is also a real treat, with fresh produce and breathtaking mountain views. Another option is to chill out by the pool, in one of Carmo’s famous Panoramic Beds, all of them allowing you to enjoy those dreamy mountain views.

And how does bathing in 100% pure goat milk sound? That’s also an option here, even though I’d rather go for the heated pool at the spa or visit the aromatherapy spa, to be honest. Feel free to trust the staff at Carmo’s Boutique Hotel to organize your time and activities. You won’t regret it!

Carmo's Boutique hotel

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