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B&W Update Their Already Amazing 800 Series Diamond Speakers

By Victor Baker


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800 Series Diamond Speakers

Bowers & Wilkins introduced the iconic 801 loudspeakers about 35 years ago, which instantly became a recording studio standard. There have been numerous incarnations of the 800 Series since then, with the 2005 top of the range models featuring the company’s new diamond tweeter, which was eventually rolled out to all B&W speakers in 2009.

Today, B&W’s engineers went back to the basics and re-imagined the new 800 Series Diamond speakers, after 7 years of research and development. Obviously, all of the components differ from the previous generations and the initial design, although the diamond tweeter is still there, showing off its talents.

800 Series Diamond Speakers

Featuring a new solid body from aluminum, which supposedly improves sonic dispersion and reduces cabinet reflection, these new speakers boast a considerably improved motor system. On the inside, there are way too many goodies to not be excited: birch plywood with metal reinforcements at key stress points, aluminum resonance-resistant plinth and integrated, adjustable floor spikes.

A proprietary composite Continuum cone, which was designed to deliver improved acoustic clarity and sonic performance, is also part of this brand new version, while the driver is housed in a new Turbine head enclosure – also from aluminum, with internal radial fin bracing, and a slimmer profile. Bass performance was given special attention, with a new Aerofoil cone killing all attempts of sound distortion.

The new D3 Series comprises four floor-standing speaker models, a stand-mount speaker and two home theater center-channel units. For US$6,000 you will receive a pair of 805s, while $22,000 will get you some 802s; sadly, we still don’t know how much the 800 Series Diamond will set you back.

800 Series Diamond Speakers

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