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Breathtaking Venice Palazzo Hits The Market for $10.6M

By Victor Baker


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Venice Palazzo

Venice, Italy, the city of love – a place that inspired countless poems, numerous songs and some of the world’s incredible paintings. This incredibly beautiful city should be visited by every single one of us at least once in a lifetime, but have you ever dreamed about moving here?

A lavish $10.6-million property has just entered the market, begging you to live where Italian art, history, and culture have met and decided to impress anyone forever. This mesmerizing Venice Palazzo dates from the 15th century, hiding a richly decorated interior, with a private entrance, a classic wide stone staircase and many other luxurious details that could easily take your breath away.

The highly decorative property boasts a superb main floor filled with extensive and grand reception rooms that house several 18th-century murals painted by Rococo pastelist Pietro Antonio Perotti.

Venice Palazzo

Covering 1,000 square meters across six bedrooms and five bathrooms, not to mention the other incredible living areas, this unique palazzo also benefits from a roof terrace that begs owners and guests alike to experience the spectacular views of the Venetian skyline. Truth be told, the property might need a few updates, but it still remains priceless due to its excellent location, right in the heart of Venice.

Anything else can be upgraded, refurbished and decorated according to the owner’s specifications, but we’re pretty sure most people would like to keep its original charm. Sights like the Conservatoria di Musica, Gallerie dell Accademia and the Church of Santo Stefano are right next to this amazing property, while the iconic Piazza San Marco or Ponte Rialto being also just a few minutes away.

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Venice Palazzo

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