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Brazil’s Txai Resort Proves You Don’t Need To Die To Visit Paradise

By Victor Baker


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Txai Resort

Just like everything else, life in Brazil has its pros and cons, and living here is not exactly a walk in the park, that’s exactly why the gorgeous Txai Resort was designed and built to balance it all out and make you forget about everything else.

Located on the blissful Bahia coast, this place overlooks a white sandy beach, and it’s surrounded by tropical rain-forests and beautiful blue waters. The five-star retreat allows guests to smile once again and start another day in this luxurious paradise, featuring bungalows built on stilts, with wraparound decks and absolutely incredible views.

Have we mentioned the comfortable sofas where you could read or relax all day long, the outdoor showers or the open-air bed? Some bungalows even brag with private pools or outdoor whirlpool baths.

Txai Resort

Once you remember you’re on Brazil’s Bahia Coast, you’ll realize that staying in might be a bad idea. Guests are welcomed to go out and explore the Rio de Contas by sail canoe, take a city tour of Itacare, or take up Capoeira lessons. Once that’s all over, chilling out will be easy at one of the resort’s six swimming pools, although the spa and wellness classes are also worth considering.

We’re all concerned about the environment, so you might be interested to know that the Txai resort has design and reforestation programs in place to minimize ecological impact. One way or another, visiting this place will quickly become a memorable experience.

Txai Resort

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