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Boca do Lobo Studio Has Designed A Silver Safe Worth Its Weight In Gold

Boca do Lobo

Treasures may come in many forms, and may actually vary in value depending on who you ask. However, we can all agree that preserving these treasures is a difficult task and an awesome responsibility; that’s where the people at Boca do Lobo Studio come in. Their team has created the Boca do Lobo Millionaire Silver Safe.

This jaw dropping safe-box looks like it’s coming straight out of the most extravagant (and outrageous) dreams ever. Parts of this luxurious safe have been coated in highly polished brass and then they were dipped in gold, which makes this safe extremely valuable as well.

The Millionaire Silver Safe has a wooden structure, and its opening system works with a combination of a secret code. On the inside, this new Boca do Lobo safe features a set of drawers and a door with a separate closing system, while its laterals are lined with a hand-sewn fabric. We dare not ask about the price-tag!

Boca do Lobo



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