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BMW opens largest showroom worldwide in Abu Dhabi

By Adrian Prisca


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After a few years’ wait since they’ve first announced the construction of the largest BMW showroom in the world in the Middle East, the project is now ready and has opened its doors to the public. It’s currently serving its reputation, the biggest showroom for BMW motorcycles, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, BMW and MINI.

The company invested around $80 million for the Abu-Dhabi-located project. The United Arab Emirates have greeted its 35,000 square meters surface with arms opened, considering that it’s owned by one of the most efficient and famous vehicle manufacturers in the world.

Suppositions say that a permanent number of 70 automobiles and 10 motorcycles will be on display ever day, all of them providing complete access. There’s also the option to acquire pre-owned vehicles from this location as well, while the workshop can attend to 120 vehicles at the same time.

Furthermore, there is an “extensive shopping and boutique area” adjacent to the showroom, where you can buy souvenirs or other merchandise related to the MINI and BMW brands, including fashion items, original parts and accessories. Also, video-enthusiasts will surely be enticed by the private cinema where they can check on presentations of the newest BMW-signed vehicles.

Kids have a spot built for them as well, a play area where you can leave them for as much as you want. There’s need to mention the café, a good place to decide if acquiring or not a new car, but the Formula One racing simulator is a must see.


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