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Bellperre Allows Customers to Fully Customize Their Luxury Android Phone

By Brody Patterson


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While companies like Gresso and especially Vertu already have a strong foothold in the luxury mobile phone market, there are number of other companies that show they have what it takes to compete. One of these is the Dutch luxury phone manufacturer Bellperre.

What makes this company special is the fact that it is the very first to offer a fully customizable luxury Android phone, handcrafted in Holland according to the customer’s requirements. You can do this on Bellperre’s website, just select any one of a number of different features and automatically see the result.

First, you can select the frame, with five options available to choose from: Polished Steel, Brushed Steel, Black Steel, 18-carat Rose Gold finish or 24-carat Yellow Gold finish. Then there are a number of fine, exotic leathers, in over 100 different colors. You can also write an engraving, as well as choose from one of 80 different languages (with Arabic and Cyrillic keyboards available as options).

Every Bellperre phone is made using high-end, quality materials: 316L stainless steel, unscratchable Sapphire Crystal, genuine exotic leather, 18-carat gold, fine woods, and diamonds.

So if you want a beautiful luxury mobile phone but couldn’t quite find what you were looking for in terms of design, you can just head over to the Bellperre website and start customizing your own device.


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