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Beautiful K3 House in Sydney, Australia

Beautiful K3 House 1

Located in Sydney, Australia, the lovely K3 House was built in an area which combines lush vegetation an hard stone, natural elements which were embedded into the life of the home. Bruce Stafford Architects is the company responsible for this amazing property which blends really well with its beautiful surroundings.

One of the best attraction of this house is probable the internal courtyard which is like a private lounge in the nature. The house centers around this courtyard and a connection between the inside and the outside is established by large glass doors that open the living space facing the courtyard.

Floor to ceiling glass walls allow guests to enjoy the panorama from every room of the home and a luxurious pool is also separated from the rest of the courtyard by glass half walls making it visible from almost every corner of the house.

Wood is the element which makes this home blend with its surroundings and it’s used inside and out contrasting with the glass and metal surfaces. The home features a large entertainment area on the deck which continues inside, into the living area, perfect for relaxing after a hard day.



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