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Bardessono, one of the greenest luxury resorts


Located in Napa Valley, California, Bardessono is one of the greenest resorts in the country and benefits from a spectacular environment of coastal California with the Pacific Ocean nearly in its backyard. The Bardessono resort was designed and built to the most rigorous standards in energy and environment and was created from locally quarried stone, steel and woods by the hands of skilled artisans.

The rooms are heated and cooled naturally by 940 solar panels that create 82 geothermal walls.  Every room of the Bardessono resort is a suite and doubles as a spa to bring the best treatments for any visitor. Bathrooms are like oasis with outdoor showers, soaking tubs for two and dual indoor show steam rooms.

From the rooftop pollside cabanas you can see the entire valley and its surrounding mountains. The resort’s lounge offers a list of locally crafted beers and classic cocktails in a great environment and at the restaurant you can taste the best of organic cuisine. But one of the most important attraction from this resort is experiencing unique wine country adventures, coking classes and private tasting trips.


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