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Audi Motorrad Motorcycle Concept

By Brian Pho


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Although they boast with huge and respectable expertise in the automotive world, on both rally tracks and regular roads, Audi haven’t yet known a true connection to the world of motorcycling. Many of us would actually wish to see them design and manufacture a top level bike, even though this might seem out of the ordinary.

Fortunately, they’ve recently purchased one of the most important motorcycling brands of all time, Ducati, which might bring this very cool car brand closer to the 2-wheelers. And here’s the acclaimed French designer Thibault Devauze with some sort of conceptual insight into what Audi would be able to put together in the near future.

Thibault Devauze has reportedly collaborated with his brother, Marc, and with the famous modeler Clement Couvreur, so this is how the Audi Motorrad Motorcycle concept was brought to life. The bike was fitted with an 850 cc Ducati-mounted Desmodromic L-twin turbo engine mated to a shifting double clutch gearbox.

Aesthetics-wise, the Audi Motorrad concept looks incredibly futuristic, boasting a lighting system and frame just like Audi’s cars. It is very light and nimble, having been crafted from exquisite materials like carbon fiber and all sorts of alloys.


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