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Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrows Will Get You High

By Victor Baker


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Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrows

Q by Aston Martin, the in-house customization division of the iconic British automaker, has just unveiled this eye catching Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrows, a new special edition of the Vanquish S, inspired by the British aerobatics team Red Arrows. Sure, everyone will notice the glossy red exterior with white and blue accents and similarly themed badges that evoke the Union Jack flag, but is it me or is this Aston really flying?

I know it would with me behind the steering wheel. Q by Aston Martin went for this striking color scheme to remind us all about the flight suits worn by the Red Arrows team, and I’m sure that the flight team’s logo, found right on top of the car, will help with that as well.

Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrows

On the inside there are several interesting updates as well, with black leather and khaki green leather inserts, plus matching seat belts making sure you know this Vanquish S is a little bit different than the rest. The door panels have also received custom embroidery, which shows the “Vixen Break” maneuver, and you will also get a pair of racing helmets finished in Red Arrows colors.

Apart from that, Aston Martin will also offer you a tiny Red Arrows plane, a racing suit, an embroidered bomber jacket and a custom luggage set to match your special Vaquish S. Only nine of these cars will be sold, each of them signed by the corresponding Red Arrows pilot. Are you ready to fly?

Aston Martin Vanquish S Red Arrows

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