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The Artisan luxury mansion in Madrid

By Adrian Prisca


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The Artisan is a marvelous property from the capital of Spain, Madrid, located in an 18,000 square meter plot, with a beautiful mature garden, designed by one of the best landscapers in the world – Fernando Caruncho – who has really left his mark on this beautiful project. The magnolias, for example, were brought from the same prestigious Italian nursery that supplied the Medici in Pistoia-Florence together with all the other trees and shrubs.

The paving tiles at the entrance  are antique and recovered from the Monastery of Montserrat in Catalonia. Square esplanades with impressive walls have been created and well studied stands have been formed to provide splashes of color in every season; the oak tree that overlooks the entrance has been placed on the central axis, which has been calculated mathematically.

This lovely mansion is inspired by classic sixteenth century Italian palaces, capable of permeating an atmosphere from the past but equipped with the comforts of today, where modern art coexists with the formality and elegance of a more sober, classic and timeless interior.

There are six large master suites (four on the upper level and two on the entry level), three rooms for the service, an indoor pool with a cozy fireplace on the main floor, a gym, a cinema for 12 people in the style of ancient theaters… but with the most modern and sophisticated equipment, a garage with ample space for vehicles, pit, workshop and facilities that are kept under strict professional supervision.

It is easy to fall in love with a property that has everything one can desire, in which the resources employed are available to very few, in which the views are endless and reach beyond the lush green treetops, where the proportions are balanced, geometric, almost mathematical.

An unique and superb location completes the package, a property where every detail has been considered a challenge: Parisian and Italian ironwork craftsmen have manufactured the customized railings, painters of the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris have shaped, with their brushes, the most beautiful trompe l’oeil mouldings and reliefs… while the entire project was overseen by a team comprising the renowned architect, Pablo Carvajal, the French interior designer, Pierre Yves Rochon, and the owners themselves.

A project spanning over four years, the result of which is unquestionably a unique piece of real estate. The price? $24,450,000!


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