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Arthur Loveless-Designed Estate In Seattle for sale at $14.880M

Arthur Loveless-Designed Estate

One of Laurelhurst’s most notable waterfront estates, this beautiful property was originally designed by the acclaimed architect Arthur Loveless. A true Seattle gem, this gorgeous home proudly sits on a shy acre and benefits from an exclusive slice of Lake Washington waterfront, offering serene views that could justify the incredible price-tag alone.

Just a mere glimpse of this luxurious home will get anyone daydreaming about owning this property , but reality will quickly make us realize that just a few of us are lucky and wealthy enough to afford the estate and the lifestyle it comes with. No matter, appreciating beauty and magnificence is still a free thrill.

Arthur Loveless-Designed Estate

As we’ve mentioned earlier, expansive views of the lake and the Cascade Mountains are also part of the mesmerizing package, with 5 bedrooms, 5 full bathrooms, and several stunning rooms that are wonderfully decorated and fully equipped, struggling to justify the $14,880,000 asking price.

Please note that this signature residence has been through a complete and thorough restoration, although the period architectural integrity and beauty of the original estate have been perfectly preserved. Go ahead, buy it; it will certainly make Frasier a bit envious, not to mention his younger brother Niles.

Arthur Loveless-Designed Estate



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