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American Queen Steamboat is back on the Mississippi

By Adrian Prisca


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Once again rolling on the blue waters of the Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio Rivers, the American Queen, the largest steamboat ever built, is ready provide tourists with interesting incursions into America’s river landscapes and all time innovations.

Easily recognizable thanks to her bright red paddle wheel, this magnificent ship also stands out thanks to its intricate fretwork and towering fluted stacks. It almost appears like this superb vessel has jumped a few hundred years into the future, boasting with its superb interiors with glimmering woodwork, fresh flowers and all sorts of antiques brought back from the Victorian Age.

The boat has formerly gone out of service in October 2001 because the parent company of the Delta Queen Steamboat Co., American Classical Voyages, had gone bankrupt. By good fortune, the Queen was bought by The Great American Steamboat Co. and has been given back its old time splendor thanks to a massive renovation process that cost around $6 million.

The massive ship features six white trellis decks, one off destinations and public rooms, things which are necessary for a vessel with high claims. In terms of cruising, the parent company provides in excess of 25 different themed cruises, like politics (Washington Week: Election 2012), musical (polka, 50s music, 60s music, big band music and more) and American History (Civil War, Lincoln Legacy etc.).

Able to accommodate up to 436 passengers, the American Queen is also a perfect place to enjoy a bit of culture. Ok, this was a euphemism, as the boat includes huge collections of books, inside the Mark Twain Gallery or the ship’s private library. In case you’re a bit tired of reading, you may also choose to relax in the Main Deck Lounge or to check out the Grand Saloon, a space as high as two decks and also the most refined spot inside the American Queen. There are also two different areas which focus solely on sexes, where men can get inside the Gentleman’s Card Room to play poker while the women can enjoy a cup of tea with newly made friends at a bridge game.

The centerpiece of this stunning cruiser is the luxuriously appointed J. M. White Dining Saloon, where guests can serve breakfasts, lunches and dinners assisted by one of the most famous American chefs, Regina Charboneau. The cruises also come with complimentary beverages throughout the journeys, providing beer and wine at dinner time. In addition, the American Queen also sports a pool and an Athletic Club for those who give great importance to the physical side.

In terms of logistics, the company provides a one-night stay, breakfast included, at a luxury hotel, plus excursions and transfers before and after the voyages. You can enjoy luxury cruises from 3 to 10 days, with price tags starting at $1,995 per person for a single and up to $5,795 per person for a 10-day voyage within a veranda suite. There’s also a $200 travel credit in case you decide to book your trip, which is due to happen sometime in 2013, until the end of 2012.


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