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Abeking & Rasmussen’s 63 metre SWATH yacht

By Adrian Prisca


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Here’s a 63.4 meter long fabulous Swath (Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull) superyacht design penned down, developed and built by Abeking & Rasmussen (A&R) alongside Reymond Langton Design. At the base of the Swath concept lies a pair of torpedo-shaped submarine hulls which both lie under the water surface, permanently. The two are tied to the yacht via two narrow struts.

An interesting fact about this superyacht is that the cross-section region at the surface of the sea is around a sixth of a comparable size superyacht, therefore only a small part of the ship is actually exposed to the lifting forces exerted by the waves, while 5 sixths of the flotation is bore by the submarine hulls.

This allows even those suffering from seasickness to get onboard the superyacht, as, due to the reduced contact area between the ocean and the hull, Swath superyachts are dramatically less affected by the motion of the sea – physicists call this lower vertical acceleration.

The beam of the yacht further increases its stability, which results in being almost double the one of a traditional yacht of this massive size. The beam alone measures 24.5 meters in length, allowing for almost palatial interiors. A disadvantage of the yacht is that its twin hulls come with no interior guest space, but this is compensated by the huge space on the decks above.

The main deck houses four double cabins, lined up in the bow of the yacht and ending with a fore facing private balcony. A fifth double cabin can be found behind the fore cabins, which, even though it doesn’t boast with such exceptional luxury, still features breathtaking views through expansive windows. In addition, the main deck also provides a lavish gym and an entrance lobby, also usable as a secondary saloon, in case the standard levels of accommodation get surpassed.

The area which on regular yachts serves as the main deck, here consists of a central galley and accommodation for the crew, fully separated from the guest areas. The dining area and the main saloon will be located on the bridge deck, both opening up towards a massive aft guest deck, tied to the superyacht’s private helipad.

Furthermore, the owner will be gifted with his own private deck above the bridge, including a fore-facing cabin, private saloon aft alongside his and hers bathrooms. The highest deck of the boat, the sundeck, boasts with a lounge area, sunpads and a magnificent Jacuzzi.


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