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A Piece Of Art On Your Wrist: The Hermes Faubourg Joaillerie

By Victor Baker


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Hermes Faubourg Joaillerie

Faubourg Joaillerie is a new, dazzling addition to the exquisite collection of watches from Hermes, a gorgeous piece that would help you make a statement wherever you go. The renowned French fashion house has embedded 652 precious diamonds in this watch, with a slim gold mesh, that just makes this watch look dreamy.

While the precious stones encircle the delicate 16.3 mm case, interlacing gold patterns underline the light nature of this watch, making the diamonds stand out even more. But the watch makers from Hermes have decided even the bracelet needs a bit of glitz and glam, that’s why they’ve precisely set a total of 388 diamonds here as well, to make sure the bracelet matches the watch perfectly.

All this time, an AR-coated sapphire crystal encapsulates the dial of the watch, with the movement inside being provided by Swiss quartz with 5 jewels. Let’s not forget about the dial, which comes in 18kt white gold, set with 112 diamonds (0.17 carats), and hands plated with rhodium. Impressive, isn’t it?!

Hermes Faubourg Joaillerie

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