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50,000 Square Foot Utah Mega Mansion on sale for $30 Million

By Adrian Prisca


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Located in Springville, Utah, this magnificent mansion is owned by the founder of Neways and the owner of Sisel, Tom Mower. Although there are some sources that say it spans over 60,000 square feet, more credible ones suggest it covers 50,000 square feet. Completed in 2010, this mega estate is said to be one of the largest homes in the entire country to have been built during recent years.

Gated and surrounded by a 75 acre private field, it comprises a total of 6 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, grand double staircase, top notch home theater, indoor basketball court, indoor swimming adorned with a gorgeous waterfall, indoor shooting range, gym and a plethora of exquisite materials like marble and granite.

This mega mansion in Utah is currently listed for a massive $30 million. It’s not that expensive when you turn to think of its sheer size, surrounding panoramas, exquisite amenities, ultimate level technology and the tranquil atmosphere it is engulfed by.


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