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5 Futuristic Luxury Resorts Currently In Development

By Adrian Prisca


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Those of us with a penchant for life’s more luxurious offerings-whether we can afford it or not- take great pleasure in admiring glamorous resorts across the planet. Architects the world over are constantly looking to push themselves in an attempt to design truly remarkable structures that have that wow factor.

The summer may have passed but that’s not stopped us from searching high and low to uncover some of the best luxury resort projects currently being dreamt up. So keep your eye on how these imaginative concepts develop.


It’s blatantly clear to see where the designers of this incredible looking hotel got their inspiration. The Full Moon Hotel project is currently under construction in the minnow Asian nation Azerbaijan and the final product will very much resemble a glass-faced version of the infamous Death Star from the ‘Star Wars’ franchise. The Baku-based hotel resort will cost around $250m to build and will include two separate skyscrapers called “The Palace of Wind One” and “The Palace of Wind Two”.


At first glance it seems more like science fiction than reality but this hotel concept will quite literally be in the clouds. The brainchild of French architect Jean-Marie Massaud, this “flying” hotel will feature luxury rooms, a spa, gym, and library and if that wasn’t enough there’s even an option to board a special 40 passengers 170kph flight.


One of the most stunning and ambitious luxury resort projects on our list is the Sea Pearl Hotel which is set to stand off the East Coast of Australia. This ‘floating’ resort, designed by Chinese architect Professor Jianping Zheng, will be based in Broadwater along the Gold Coast in south-eastern Queensland. The budget for the project is around $250 million and will feature 300 rooms as well an underwater restaurant and casino where you’ll be able to enjoy all the classics from roulette to landmark bingo.


For a truly unique submergence experience you will need to take a trip to Fiji once this amazing underwater hotel is complete. The project has been in the works for nearly 14 years now and even though it seems far from completion, this luxury resort is set to feature 25 suites,  a bar, gym, restaurant and, most importantly, it’s all set at 40 feet under the sea in an offshore lagoon.


For a truly out of this world hotel experience you won’t be able to get much higher than that of the proposed Skywalker Hotel. The world’s first orbiting hotel will require passengers to travel to the building’s location via a space shuttle and enjoy their lofty accommodation at a minor 515km above the Earth’s surface. Be warned though, this hotel won’t come cheap with prices speculated to start at around $1millon per night.

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