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2018 Arch Motorcycles Method 143 is The One

2018 Arch Motorcycles

Yes, we are now faced with Keanu Reeves’ side project once again, and if you didn’t know this yet, The One has great taste in motorcycles. Arch Motorcycles, his bespoke bike venture, started together with Gard Hollinger, has expanded its incredible line-up this year, with the 2018 Arch Motorcycles Method 143 looking like the cherry on top of the sundae.

Set to be produced in a limited run of just 23 units, the Method 143 is the company’s first motorcycle based on a mono-cell carbon fiber frame, which means that a fuel cell can be integrated into the radical chassis design. Just one look at this bike should be more than enough to get you daydreaming about a few minutes in the saddle.

2018 Arch Motorcycles

An impressive 143 cubic-inch S&S fuel injected V-Twin engine powers up this ravishing bike, with a set of MotoGP-inspired titanium and carbon fiber custom exhaust pipes adding the proper soundtrack for your ride. The fork and rear shock comes from Ohlins, and the Arch-designed 17″ BST carbon fiber Turbine, tucked in Michelin Power RS tires will contribute to a unique handling experience.

Arch Motorcycles also wrapped this beast in aerodynamic carbon fiber to get that stealth look, with CNC aluminum and leather covering the seat, tank, and rear cowl, although it has to be said that future customers could also receive a custom finish if they so desire. We’re sorry to say there are no details regarding acquisition costs, but since it’s produced in a limited run of just 23 units, don’t expect it to be cheap.

2018 Arch Motorcycles


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