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18th floor Sherry Netherland apartment listed at $95 million

By Adrian Prisca


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Since 1927, the year when it was opened, Sherry-Netherland has been the most iconic cooperative residential hotels in New York. Recently, a full floor residence located on the 18th floor of the legendary building was listed at a whopping $95 million. Let’s see what’s it all about.

The owner of the luxurious co-op, Gilbert Haroche, co-founder of Liberty Travel, had apparently based the listing price on his observation on the estate industry in New York and on the prices paid by magnates for the most luxurious penthouses, residences and apartments throughout the metropolis.

Covering a total of 7,000 square feet, the recently renewed interiors are accompanied by no less than 2,000 square feet of exquisite terraces. It was reportedly purchased by its current owner in the form of a number of apartments which he assembled together. The address of the building that houses this magnificent co-op can be found is at 781 Fifth Avenue, on the corner with East 59th Street within Manhattan.

It is just one of the total of 165 co-ops converted back in 1954.  Don’t expect to feel crowded here though. The residential facility is practically skirted by light, terraces and breathtaking views of New York City and the Central Park. It comprises a total of 15 rooms and even though it isn’t that new a construction, it boasts with one of the best settings in New York and an incredible deal of luxury and style.

Alongside the private terrace overlooking the Central Park and Upper East Side, the co-op includes a formal dining room and an eat-in kitchen from which the heart of Manhattan can be admired.


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