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$150,000 Might Get You The Jet Capsule Launch Version

By Victor Baker


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Jet Capsule

Lazzarini’s Jet Capsule “mini yacht” prototype has sure grabbed a lot of attention around the world, when it was introduced back in 2013. The same happened when the smaller and faster Reptile version came out this year, and history might just repeat itself – again – once the new version is revealed in 2016.

The new Jet Capsule was meant to be a personal watercraft or a water taxi, featuring a full carbon body and photochromic windows, not to mention a rooftop sundeck for passengers to chill out on. Inside the cabin, the driver controls allow views of rear and underwater cameras, while air conditioning, a heater, seating, tables and a toilet are also part of the capsule’s amenities.

Jet Capsule

Customers may opt out for one of various engine configurations, with petrol and diesel engines available in either a single or dual setup – no Volkswagen trick up in here. Total power outputs range from 370 hp (276 kW) up to 600 hp (447 kW), which means that the maximum achievable speed is 38 knots (44 mph or 71 km/h).

With a maximum load of 12 passengers and the pilot, the cruising speed stands at 32 knots (37 mph or 51 km/h). The new Jet Capsule is arleady available to order, and US$150,000 might just get you your favorite vessel five months after being made.

Jet Capsule

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