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$1 million sheesha by Aurentum Switzerland

They have previously amazed us and the entire world with the $900,000 most expensive water bottle in the world crafted from the finest of crystal glasses and garnished with 113 diamonds and pure 24-carat gold – they are Aurentum Switzerland. This time though, they’ve gone a bit higher, bestowing the notion of luxury with brand new meanings  – they’ve just come up with a $1 million sheesha, perfectly fit for billionaire hookah enthusiasts.

An artwork more than a functional sheesha, this extremely valuable piece is superbly designed and nicely enveloped around traditionalism, following the principles of the Swiss designer brand. It was crafted from 24-carat gold and encrusted with 4 small and 4 large scarabaei, all crafted from platinum, alongside 8 diamonds and 4 rubies totaling 0.36 carats. But even more interesting is the its base, which was crafted from 8 kg of solid 18-carat gold!

Furthermore, this staggering jewel of a sheesha sports a Murano glass pot done in silver and an additional 18-carat gold wind cover. Crafted from 20-carat gold, there’s also a gorgeous Swiss designer-made art piece on the pot. As for the tubes, they are superbly covered in Venetian velvet, while the mouthpiece has been nicely garnished with rhodium and silver. Call that opulence!




  1. Adnan Jamil Hashmi July 5, 2020

    I am not interested in smoking but I searched this amazing sheesha for my dad only. I have some great wishes for my dad. I want to gift him. 🙄


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