Effeffe Berlinetta - 1960s Charm With A Modern Twist

Effeffe Berlinetta – 1960s Charm With A Modern Twist

Effeffe Berlinetta

As you daydream about this incredibly seductive vehicle, I think it is my job to tell you that what you’re drooling at right now is actually a modern-day beast, not some relic that was hiding somewhere in a barn in the Italian countryside for almost 60 years. Called the Effeffe Berlinetta, this freshly-designed sports car displays a breathtaking vintage look, blending 1960s Italian flair with modern technology and manufacturing techniques, like 3D modeling.

With a lifetime appreciation for sports cars and the meticulous craftsmanship behind them, the Frigorio brothers, Leonardo and Vittorio, founded Efferffe Car a few years ago and finally managed to turn their dream into reality, developing this beauty in front of you.

Effeffe Berlinetta

Effeffe Berlinetta is a hand-built, two-door aluminum coupé which resembles Italy’s iconic race and road cars from the 1950s and 1960s, but it’s even more impressive if you ask us. It features a rigid, yet lightweight steel tube frame that allows it to weigh in at just 1,742 lb (790 kg), which would make even the great Enzo Ferrari proud. Add in a front-mid-mounted 1971 Alfa Romeo twin-cam four-cylinder engine, with two Weber DCOE carburetors, and you’ll get 180 ponies and an incredible power-to-weight ratio that will surely put a smile on your face.

On the inside, hand-crafted Matteograssi tan leather adorns the seats, dashboard, door panels, and transmission tunnel, while the mahogany narni steering wheel, the intuitive gear lever, adjustable aluminum pedals and wool carpet complete the ravishing classic look.  It all sounds and looks like perfection.

Effeffe Berlinetta