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Bill Gates is No.1 again

Bill Gates

By Bogdan on 19 May 2013

The CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has recently recaptured the title of “The Richest Person in the World” from the renowned Mexican magnate and investor Carlos Slim Helu, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The 57-year-old American, co-founder of Microsoft Corp. (MSFT), has now got an estimated fortune of around $72.7 billion, 16 percent year-to-date. His brand has hit a five-yearFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Elon Musk – A Billionaire who will change the future

Elon Musk 1

By Adrian P on 8 Apr 2012

We’re starting a new category here on Luxatic to share with our readers the exciting lives and careers of some of the world’s richest people. According to Forbes, there are exactly 1,226 billionaires on the planet in 2012, an all time high, and we’ll feature some of the most interesting billionaires on our site in the future. Speaking of future,FULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →

Bloomberg has released the “Bloomberg Billionaires Index”

bloomberg billionaire index

By Adrian P on 12 Mar 2012

As time goes by, magnates from all over the world get richer and richer, by day. We now present you the daily billionaire index, the first daily global ranking of the richest people in the world, as Bloomberg revealed it recently. This indicator is undergoing a perpetual change, as the stock fluctuates and company or economic news daily unfold. TheseFULL ARTICLE / MORE IMAGES →