World’s most expensive beer: Sam Adams Ultra Strong Utopias

This unique golden booze here may represent the start of an era in brewing expensive beers. In spite of the fact that beer is currently the cheapest way to cool off during hot summers, this one comes at a much higher price than most of the tipples with higher alcohol content.

The lovely beer we’re going to feature here is the Sam Adams Utopias Beer, a 10th anniversary edition release of an ultra-strong beverage. It boasts with 27% alcohol content and has been awarded with the title of the most expensive beer commercially available on market today.

The ultra strong Sam Adams Utopias container comes filled with 24 ounces of the exquisite liquor, each one being priced at $190. The beverage was aged for many years in all sorts of barrels and just 20,000 bottles of it will ever be distributed all around the world during this year.