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World Class residence in West Vancouver’s Whitby Estates

By Adrian Prisca


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Located in Canada, in British Columbia’s West Vancouver, the Whitby Estates are staggering proofs of competence from a handful of workers and designers. Enclosed inside a gated stretch of land, they are amazing feats of engineering and civil construction. The one residence we’re featuring here was penned down by the acclaimed architect Geoffrey Lee and boasts with ultimate level luxury features.

Due to entice even the most discerning of tastes, this amazing mansion has been garnished with glass, custom cut tile, millwork and rich dark wood. The residents and their guests are able to enjoy 220 degree breathtaking views of the city and ocean from any of the floors.

The home is guarded by a magnificent, two storey glass foyer which serves as formal entrance, resuming the entire look of the residence.  It boasts 20 feet high ceilings, a marvelous chandelier, adorned with Swarovski Crystals and featuring 14 glittering balls which cascade down from the tall ceiling towards the Grand Piano on the lowest level.

Every corner of this home was decked to the ultimate levels of luxury, with materials of the highest quality and immense attention to detail. The kitchen for example is stunningly clean, endowed with 14 state of the art appliances, a separate service work kitchen, a 12 foot stone island and four top notch ovens. The Master Suite comes with an amazing private bathroom with a 15 head curved glass steam shower lit with Swarovski lighting and soaker tub, alongside a coquette private dressing room.

An additional nice feature is that the private heated terraces, which stretch all along the residence, can be reached from both the main and lower levels, from each room in particular. They are perfect for double lifestyle, outdoors and indoors, and come to complete the fully endowed gourmet summer kitchen and the seven outdoor fireplaces.

Furthermore, to satisfy the watery needs of its residents as well, this property also includes a heated swimming infinity pool with a 110 inch outdoor pool side TV and top notch night lighting. The lower level was designed to serve as entertainment area.

It boasts a wonderful entertainment room with temperature controlled wine storage and wet bar, alongside a soundproofed private Screening Room endowed with a one off 160 inch Firehawk Stewart Sinecurve 110 inch screen, state of the art sound system and a Titan Referance 3D projector.

Now, if you want such luxury, you have to afford it. And this 9,550 square feet mansion, the peak of a 17,000 square feet lot, with 6 bedrooms and 8 ½ bathrooms, is listed at $22 million. Quite expensive but it’s well worth the money.


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