Why Would Anyone Say ‘No’ To A New Marc Jacobs Handbag Line?

Marc Jacobs Handbag

News about Marc Jacobs and his brand’s new path got everyone excited, with his new line of bags arriving in stores just in time for spring. The majority of the designer’s new handbags will be priced at or below the $500 mark, which is incredible piece of news for every fashionista out there.

The bags are already available at Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, in case you feel a shopping mood coming on. Marc Jacobs’ new collection includes simple leather totes and classy shoulder bags on the lower end, for $400 to $650, while the exotic pieces could set you back even $5,500. It’s all about personal sense of fashion and style, really.

Marc Jacobs Handbag

Marc Jacobs was the designer who oversaw Louis Vuitton’s creative direction for almost two decades, which is to say he is more than capable of anticipating what we want, and how we want it to look like, before we want it. Such abilities, combined with the incredible attention to details and a wonderful sense of fashion, surely justify those hefty price-tags.

With these new bags, Jacobs seems shows off an inspiring sense of balance; stylish, bold and modern, without breaking any boundaries. The bags you see here are, in order, the Marc Jacobs Charms and Trinkets Small Saddle Bag, the Marc Jacobs Gotham City Bucket Bag, East West Tote and Saddle Bag, the Marc Jacobs J Marc Embroidered Python Shoulder Bag and the Marc Jacobs Splatter Paint Saddle Bag.

Marc Jacobs Handbag