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We’ve Been Waiting For The Macallan Quest Collection

By Victor Baker


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The Macallan Quest Collection

Created exclusively for Global Travel Retail sales, the Macallan Quest Collection was inspired by the story behind the whiskey distillery’s pursuit of the most incredible sherry-seasoned oak casks. This new series debuted at the Singapore Changi Airport a few days ago and it’s all set to hit global travel retails by February.

Available in four new expressions, the Macallan Quest Collection represents one of the brand’s most exquisite offerings – the Macallan Quest, the Macallan Enigma, the Macallan Lumina and the Macallan Terra boast new flavors and aromas, not to mention the exceptional quality of the Macallan single malt whiskey.

First, the Macallan Quest ($80) is where American bourbon casks meet exclusively selected sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks and hogsheads, to tease whiskey enthusiasts with fresh flavors of citrus fruits and sweet vanilla oak.

The Macallan Quest Collection

The Macallan Lumina ($100) blends the old with the new in the best way possible, with this drink benefitting from European and American sherry-seasoned oak casks, as well as hogsheads casks. Defined by bold flavors, with notes of creamy vanilla, ginger and wood spice, this whiskey will make you breeze through any day.

Next up, the Macallan Terra ($165) was aged in exclusively selected, first fill, sherry-seasoned oak casks, whose journey spans 10,000 miles. Matured in first-fill European and American oak casks, this whiskey has a distinctive character of toffee, sweet dried fruit, and rich wood spices.

Last, but not least enjoyable, The Macallan Enigma ($250) was aged exclusively in European oak sherry-seasoned casks. Characterzsed by full, lingering flavors of dried fruits, rich cinnamon, and – of course – smooth wood spice, the Enigma will most definitely make it clear why you need to have a drink.

The Macallan Quest Collection

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